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salam alaykom :)

sometimes,I really like writing these blog posts,because I get the chance to talk about my ideas in a lot more depth.but here,i have to balance the need to express what should be expressed,with my desire to talk nonsense things,and yeah,the first one wins.I am quite silly and like to talk about not sillly things in silly ways.writing for too long,on its own,is boring for me.this post,though,is just going to let me express what should be expressed,so ready?if you're up for it.

Allah S.W.T says in the beautiful Quraan

"say o muhammad!if your fathers,your sons and your brothers,your wives and your relatives,the wealth you have acquired,and the commerce in which you fear of slackening,and the dwellings which you have pleased with,if they are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving in His cause,then wait!until Allah brings about His decree.Allah does not guide the evil-doing folk"

so basically this entry is more to questioning ourselves how do we portray our love to The Prophet,Muhammad S.A.W.or we can even question ourselves,did we ever love Him?

how much do you love like for example Justin Bieber?do you have like this crazy idea:Im so lucky to be on the same earth like him.cause I are a fan,right?of course sometimes you have this crazy ideas..but how many of us have ever thought about how lucky you are even to be able to say :

"sallahhu alaihi wasallam"
how many of us are fan of David Beckham?
tryna play like David many of us know 10 players of Manchester United?or Chelsea?9 members of Girls Generations?or Super Junior?err or CN blue?but we dont know 10 sahabat.

how many of us know the latest product of Loreal?
latest cream,moisturizer,foundation,?although the Prophet said "heart is your foundation"you dont have to wash that foundation with water,but you wash it with taubah.have you ever thought about what it means to be the fan of The Prophet?

have you ever thought about what it means to be dedicated and love him?so,what is the love of the prophet means to us?it is a very personal love,right?when you said"sallahu 3alaihi wasallam",
Allah tells him to salawah upon you.and Allah says in the Quraan that,

 "when you love the prophet,and you send salawah upon him,you free yourself form zulumati ilannur.from darkness to bright.thats your relationship with the prophet.and the prophet S.A.W said"whoever send salawah upon me,Allah will raise him 10 darajaat,and forgive him 10 sayyiat.(sins),and give him 10 hasanaat(mercies)"
so,that is the love of the prophet.

when Bilal was aware of his death,and he was dying,ppl said to him"u must be sad,leaving the dunia,what will happen to us after this?we will be sad,he said no,i am happy,why?wallahi Im only going to meet my habib that I've been missing for so long,,so dont be unhappy for me,because Im going to see the prophet and his companions tomorrow.

how many of us thought about your love towards Prophet?

somebody hug his teddy bear before sleep,somebody check his email before sleep,but somebody remember the Prophet and send salawah upon him before sleep.
so,what can we do in this age to show our love to the Prophet?ASK OURSELVES.

do you not wish that u can be beside Rasulullah?do you not wish this?every single muslim should wish this.

indeed the love of Allah and his Messenger is the base and foundations of all deeds.

this love for rasulullah cant be put into words,but only known by action of hearts n limbs.

and the question right now should be:how can we not love him?

you will not be a truly beliEver until you love will not enter paradise until you love him

love of the Prophet means that you put his love before your own love,before your own emotions
and from the true signs of love of the Prophet is,

you should love the one that he loved,you should hate the one that he hated,so you should love the Ansar,you should love the Muslims,you should love every good things that Rasulullah pointed and did,and you should hate every every evil things,you should hate the disbelievers,and the people of syirik and kufur .and sins.this is the true signs of love to him.

how do you wish to love Rasulullah,but you dont love what that he love?how do you say that you hate what Rasulullah S.A.W hated,but you dont really hate that?how do you love this life so much?yet Rasulullah S.A.W never wants to live ever this life?

so why do we have to love the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?because Allah love him :)

oooohhhh my.that's all!

May the blessings of the Prophet be with us till the end of the day. ameen ^^

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