Thursday, January 24, 2013


salam alaykom :)

sometimes,I really like writing these blog posts,because I get the chance to talk about my ideas in a lot more depth.but here,i have to balance the need to express what should be expressed,with my desire to talk nonsense things,and yeah,the first one wins.I am quite silly and like to talk about not sillly things in silly ways.writing for too long,on its own,is boring for me.this post,though,is just going to let me express what should be expressed,so ready?if you're up for it.

Allah S.W.T says in the beautiful Quraan

"say o muhammad!if your fathers,your sons and your brothers,your wives and your relatives,the wealth you have acquired,and the commerce in which you fear of slackening,and the dwellings which you have pleased with,if they are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving in His cause,then wait!until Allah brings about His decree.Allah does not guide the evil-doing folk"

so basically this entry is more to questioning ourselves how do we portray our love to The Prophet,Muhammad S.A.W.or we can even question ourselves,did we ever love Him?

how much do you love like for example Justin Bieber?do you have like this crazy idea:Im so lucky to be on the same earth like him.cause I are a fan,right?of course sometimes you have this crazy ideas..but how many of us have ever thought about how lucky you are even to be able to say :

"sallahhu alaihi wasallam"
how many of us are fan of David Beckham?
tryna play like David many of us know 10 players of Manchester United?or Chelsea?9 members of Girls Generations?or Super Junior?err or CN blue?but we dont know 10 sahabat.

how many of us know the latest product of Loreal?
latest cream,moisturizer,foundation,?although the Prophet said "heart is your foundation"you dont have to wash that foundation with water,but you wash it with taubah.have you ever thought about what it means to be the fan of The Prophet?

have you ever thought about what it means to be dedicated and love him?so,what is the love of the prophet means to us?it is a very personal love,right?when you said"sallahu 3alaihi wasallam",
Allah tells him to salawah upon you.and Allah says in the Quraan that,

 "when you love the prophet,and you send salawah upon him,you free yourself form zulumati ilannur.from darkness to bright.thats your relationship with the prophet.and the prophet S.A.W said"whoever send salawah upon me,Allah will raise him 10 darajaat,and forgive him 10 sayyiat.(sins),and give him 10 hasanaat(mercies)"
so,that is the love of the prophet.

when Bilal was aware of his death,and he was dying,ppl said to him"u must be sad,leaving the dunia,what will happen to us after this?we will be sad,he said no,i am happy,why?wallahi Im only going to meet my habib that I've been missing for so long,,so dont be unhappy for me,because Im going to see the prophet and his companions tomorrow.

how many of us thought about your love towards Prophet?

somebody hug his teddy bear before sleep,somebody check his email before sleep,but somebody remember the Prophet and send salawah upon him before sleep.
so,what can we do in this age to show our love to the Prophet?ASK OURSELVES.

do you not wish that u can be beside Rasulullah?do you not wish this?every single muslim should wish this.

indeed the love of Allah and his Messenger is the base and foundations of all deeds.

this love for rasulullah cant be put into words,but only known by action of hearts n limbs.

and the question right now should be:how can we not love him?

you will not be a truly beliEver until you love will not enter paradise until you love him

love of the Prophet means that you put his love before your own love,before your own emotions
and from the true signs of love of the Prophet is,

you should love the one that he loved,you should hate the one that he hated,so you should love the Ansar,you should love the Muslims,you should love every good things that Rasulullah pointed and did,and you should hate every every evil things,you should hate the disbelievers,and the people of syirik and kufur .and sins.this is the true signs of love to him.

how do you wish to love Rasulullah,but you dont love what that he love?how do you say that you hate what Rasulullah S.A.W hated,but you dont really hate that?how do you love this life so much?yet Rasulullah S.A.W never wants to live ever this life?

so why do we have to love the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?because Allah love him :)

oooohhhh my.that's all!

May the blessings of the Prophet be with us till the end of the day. ameen ^^

Monday, July 30, 2012


salam alaykum:)

I’ve always been interested in when it comes to talking about Jordan. Jordan is cool, really cool, but it doesn’t seem that way from the ads I’ve seen for it. Traditional, fuddy duddy stuff that smack of “Jordan is the Best!” is just boring. Jordan isn’t really advertised from an outsider’s perspective. A lot of the time it’s shown through a Jordanian person’s perspective, and – as a result – it seems that what’s interesting to Jordanians about Jordan isn’t interesting to foreigners about Jordan. At least, that’s my position. Dead Sea,Petra,Kahfi Cave,delicious foods,interesting customs,beautiful jilbabs and others still make me say wow, show me that Jordan is fun and quirky and cool, while many my Jordanian friends just think of them as common place and boring. Pshaw!

Being patriotic is out of fashion in many circles these days.  I know plenty of people who wouldn't dream of flying to Jordan.Ok, these ideas are obnoxiously stuck in my head. Now look: I know it’s difficult to be creative. I have to be creative and frequently have to dig deep into my crazy imaginations  so that I can think up something at least remotely funny that can make you interested in this entry.but this is hopefuly will be just a handful entry for our juniors who are coming to Jordan soon:)just attribute my implicit profundity here.:D

so,with that being said,I've decided to write an entry of "Why Jordan is so Special",but that is not the title here btw,I am still squeezing my brain thinking the title:D there are zillion trillion things I've got to tell you.but I'm afraid I don't know how.cuz there's a possibility that you will look at me differently.ok,so let's get started:D and I'm sorry for writing this entry in English,not in Malay,or Arabic,because of the fluidity of the English language itself,I often talk Malay or Arabic inappropiately to other Malay or Arabic people,and often use inappropiate words, but it make sense to my English speaking mind:D

first thing u would never regret is the food.the first time I ate jordanian foods,it was so tasty.I kept saying wow everytime I tasted it. MANSAF,MAQLUBAH,MANDI,BRIYANI,SHAWARMA,KABSAH,KATAYEF,DALEK KARSHAK(?)(I spelt it my way)ETC2,told yaa.there're very delicious.there's no love sincerer than the love of about the chicken!Delicious. Like, really really Junho-from-2PM-finger licking good.ehh??? Some restaurants really overcook the chicken so you’re hacking at it with your little blunt fingers or forks and spoons trying hard not to just pick it up like a barbarian or…dare I say…DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR!!!!

Jordan!how did I live before your delicious and heart melting foods?GAaaaaaaahhhh!!

and all that you can say if you eat the Jordan's halawiyat is kind of  “WHATTHEFUDGE!?”.(that's what I can interpret from my friends's face expression) after saying alhamdulillah:D

Jordan's halawiyat are so delicious I wanna cry:D


this is one of the most exciting things in Jordan that I'm eager to tell you about. in Jordan,people here celebrate Ramadhan more than Eid,we all know that whoever do good deeds during Ramadhan,that good things will be multiplied.of course yes,because in this holy month, all the gates of The Paradise are opened wide and all the gates of the Hell are closed shut. everyone here seems competing each other in doing good deeds,ranging from even worthless-pouring a glass of mineral water and distribute it inside the whole masjid until inviting guests in their houses for iftar.they are very friendly and like

"hey,matey,would you mind coming over my house for iftar?'.like that.most of Arabic people who already have their own family usually do that.

well,I'm not saying that we(Malaysian people)here are soo excited to have free foods in the house of some matey,but,somehow,you can even forget their foods and instead suddenly feel like part of their family when your parents are very far away.

plus the beautiful sceneries with blinkblink colourful lamps along the road,making you feel like not going back to Malaysia and celebrating the Ramadhan here,nahhhhh,that is so prettyyhh

kind of romantic(?),kind of not


yup,this is one of the most amazing things I found is hard to find men and women appear  together in public unless they are siblings or family,usually.but wait,it doesn't mean that men are treating women bad here. in the buses,especially,there are lots of gentlemen who are more than willing to offer you their seats,when you seem clueless of where to sit,like a Don!:Dand actually in buses we usually seat next to the same gender,which is wayyy more proper and comfortable.and sitting next to the opposite gender was the last option when no other seats are available,and usually the man would rather change to another bus to make you comfortable.:)
I think this is because simply this Kingdom itself,(The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan) have trained their netizens to be as the way they are now.I mean,since elementary school,the gender are separated.they only have school for Guys and school For gals,unless it's like an English style school.Holy freak!wasn't that amazing?


yeah,this is the most unique thing I'm proud of.profuse of examples I would like to tell here,but long story short,I will just state a few extreme and super tempting examples.

First,on the very moment you hear Adhan,all people will straight away rush to perform the prayer,in Mosque.every store owner will leave their stores and answer His call.theriouthly this ith tho shazamm mann!!I mean,they left their store opened rushing without stealing even a second to hide their money,things,or any other precious goods,believing that "Em well,you take care of Allah's will,Allah will take care everything for you".T.T.seriously guithe,name it Iphone store,Jewellary store,furniture store,etc2,they will just leave it like that to go to the mosque.and sometimes people will just park their cars in the middle of the roads,randomly like a chaos,just to run for Jumuah prayer.*run netizens run!!!*lol
the awesome phenomenon you can find in reaction:0_________0!

Second.if you  are able to go to the nearby mosque,well,let's just go to the mosque,but how about people who are still in their working time?the taxi drivers,the bus drivers,the cashiers in the shopping mall,the security guards,yup,they have their own way to respect that time,in the taxis,or buses,name that every song you could hear in the radio,even it is the hard core Linkin Park song,even the guy seems like a bad one who only knows to smoke and flirt women they find on the roads,even he is a driver who always cheat people for the taxi fares,whenever they hear Adhan,they will turn off the radios,stop singing,stay still,and answer the adhan.even in the biggest shopping mall ever in this country,name it The Mecca Mall,The City Mall,Taj Mall,Arabella Mall or whatsoever when people are busy shopping goods,in the Carefour,etc2, they will stop the music and quietly continue their jobs while answering the adhan.errrmaaahhgawddd!!that is so cool yo!*crying*

Third,in Jordan is where you find people appreciating Al-Quran the most and practicing it as the way of life.

everywhere,even an old man who works as a garbage collector himself,he carry AlQuran with him every time.even in the medical school,there are lots of medical students memorize Al-Quran and they do it gradually every week after lectures.and to the utmost cool thing is when,this is where you can find manyyyyy people reading Al-Quran ,crying.seriously you will feel like crying too whenever you see this kind of atmosphere.during tarawih prayers,especially,because it is the only time for me to go to mosque every night and meet Arabic people,I often see that,and by living here for almost 2 years made me understand Arabic a lot,yup,it is a great feeling because you can understand Al-Quran and cry together with them,whether inside the prayer or not.can you imagine?you are praying jamaah in the mosque and the Imam read this while performing the prayer;

"He is Allah,there is no God but He,the Knower of the unseen and the manifest,He is the Most Merciful,the Most Compassionate.He is Allah,there is no God but He,the King,the Holy,the All Peace,the Giver of Security,the Overseer,ThE Most Mighty,the Overpowering,the All-Great.Exalted be He from whatever they associate with Him"(Al-Hashr:22-23)

I remember the first time I heard these verses when the Imam cried reciting;"Huallah allazi Laaa ilaa ha,Laaa ilaaha..*and he cried severely*Laa ilaaha illa hua 'alimul ghaibi wassyahaadah,*cried with me*Hua ar Rahman,ar Rahiim"*burst into tears*

It's a good thing to understand Arabic actually,because besides it is as the language of Jannah,you can feel that you are the most special-yet-nothing servant of Allah,for example from the above verse,you are no one except His lucky servant who are lucky enough to be born being His servant.T.T

5. Jordan is where you can find people who put their utmost trust in every speeches,talks,conversations,they always insert a du'a to Allah.
for example, after you do a sadaqah,that people who receive the money will say"Allahu yubaarik fiik",meaning:May God bless you.
when you say you have exams in 5 minutes time and tell the taxi driver to drive faster,he'll say:"Allahu yanjih insyaAllah",meaning,"God will grant you succes",
when you are celebrating Ramadhan,and suddenly bumped into a matey on the road,he will say"Kullu Am wa enta bikheir",meaning,"May God grant you prosperity,kind,etc2 every years",
when you suddenly find your life is difficult,there's always people who will say"Allahu yusahhilna insyaAllah",meaning;"God will ease you"

and the list goes on..

I found one old man who is a garbage collector near my house,every day,he will come to the big garbage bin near my house,waiting for boxes,cans,and sometimes I can see he get scolded by some official-garbage-collector-truck-man.whenever I walk pass him,he will pray for me"Allah sallamtik",meaning"May Allah protect you".
and to the most extreme example,is when I got into a taxi one last day,when I gave the taxi driver the fares,he just took the money without looking it.I mean,he just have faith of how much Allah wants to give him the money on that time.perhaps I could give him only 5 cents?who knows?but he just took that,say Alhamdullilah,and say thank you to me.


this sound simple,but actually this is the most profound thing.have you ever imagine,how,in the middle of hot summer when it is so nasty hot outside. NASTY! OOH YOU SO NASTY MOTHER NATURE! Seriously nasty. The weather’s very bizarre,and we’ve got hot, muggy weather every day. ,suddenly a frost come from the sky?,raining suddenly like in the cold winter when actually the temperature is almost 50 degree celcius,in the middle of Jumuah day,or in the first day of Ramadhan?well,that happens frequently in Jordan.what are more relaxing than the sound of the hoarfrost and the thunder accompanied by asar adhan? What a miracle in the middle of hot summer?yup,indeed Allah is a magnificient Creator.He can do anything in this land of Barakah.whenever He want,He will grant people here prosperities!

and in this land of barakah,is when you feel like all your du'as are accepted and He grant you yer wishes!even when you deliberately talk to your friends about something good and hoping that you would experience it too,He will grant tchu that!told yaa.I've experienced it so many times,but in condition that you have to stay away from sins and put all your trust in Him.

When you feel that your heart feel  as if it’s shriveled up all day, and your heart is racing and feel as if it is going to explode and you feel so exasperated, and you feel asphyxiated even when you are breathing and seriously thinking you are going to go crazy! Despite how much you shout and stomp your feet, it will not make you feel better, even in the slightest! but when you lift your two cute hands,praying sincerely,Allah will hear it straight,this things can happen even out of Jordan,but I don't know why I always feel this land is full of barakah,that all my wishes here are granted.*many people say that too*

6. yup,Jordan isn't so civilized as other countries,as Switzerland,London,Germany,Korea,or other Europe or Asian countries that I have been to,but somehow with all these good sides and a close faith to Him relationship,I can say it covers all.yup,in Jordan we learn in English,we rarely communicate in Arabic with local citizens,in fact,I met someone in one of the Europe country,saying

"so,you learn in English,talk to lecturers in English,exams in English,etc,how can you improve your country's language?"

em.actually we don't understand Arabic much but at the same time we understand Al-Quran it?it's not the point of how much you empower yourselves with that foreign language that you can show off or be like:in a British phrase that I’ve always wanted to use – taking the piss, at others which is absolutely way too wrong!seeing patients in hospitals,clinics,health centers,meeting Arabic people who taught us indirectly of the true Islamic way of life,is more than what have you done for Islam with that skillfull foreign language speakings?

7.yup,Jordan doesn't have THE OBVIOUS 4 SEASONS of winter,summer,fall,spring(although summer seems the most obvious here),and you can say,
"so,you don't have snow for several days?it only remains several hours and at that time is the only time when you can finally wear your windbreaker?or your wintercoat?seriously?like for a day or two?"haha haha haha*evil laugh*

mother nature,I put in a snow request for Dec-Jan.thank you!-Amman

Pfftt.what's the point of having the obvious winter and snow and you can be like goGOGOGogoo PLAYplay playy playy MEEEEEEWWWW you,playing and joying with the froast,when you can never be grateful of it?when you can never think of what hikmah should you grab from that gifts?what's the point of playing and capturing beautiful pictures of flowers blossoming in spring,with that rainy season during winter are all cute and sweet, with nice umbrellas and cute outfits and all.when you can never think what's the hikmah hidden behind that prosperities?huh?huh?am I right?am I right?well,long words short,Jordan doesn't need all of that when He give us every beautiful snows,springs,etc2 whenever He want to,even in the most ridiculous time.alhamdullilah,so praise thE Lord!

8."so Jordan doesn't have these shazammmn cool tranposrtation systems like the subways,trams,trains,the train with the fastest speed in France for example,etc2 with the most organized ,freaking punctual transportation system,huh?"
uploading Jordan's top flight:ROYAL JORDANIAN.hehe
 yup,I can say that.but alhamdulillah,we are near each other.we can ziarah each other just by walking,man!we can meet every week,studying together,eating together,and even doing dakwah!instead of skyping,what is more amazing than meeting each other with lots of foods,funs,friends that you can meet in person and the ukhuwah is even more diabetic?theriouthly,nothing are more patthionate(Passionate)than that yo.ok well,enough blathering.

for future juniors,Jordan is awesome!

may this entry give quite an impression to future juniors who are coming soon,we are more than willing to welcome you this fall,and may He keep you in His infinite wisdoms.^^

and for whoever who sneakingly doubt this entry,like "was Jordan like that for real?there're lots of things I don't agree here though",what can I say is:

1.perhaps you didn't go through it and I'm sorry I have gone through it before you
2.perhaps they were there,but you didn't realize it,and for that hope you can be more alert,trying to find the hikmah Allah grant you with the heart,not with the eyes,nor mind.look things through the lens of Islam,not Nafs,or people's judgement,insyaAllah you will grab hikmah even from the simplest thing.
3. and if you are freaking sure that you haven't experience all this,what ever Allah does for you,allow you to experience,is the best for you,which is different from me,which is the best for me too.

  I don’t mind it when people disagree with my opinion,based off of misconstruing what I’ve said into something completely false, and attempting to interpret my secret or unspoken intentions about the Islamic vibes here. I can’t address every single issue in this massive tirade, but what I can say to you again is,
 this is just hopefully a handful entry to help making the future juniors' minds,and I can't be the only one thinking that writing an entry about "TOP BIZARRE THINGS ABOUT JORDAN" is quite useless.yeah,for sure,Jordan has two sides,and freaking no,I will not write about the bad side.
as for my travelog about Europe,will try to finish that>.<

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Salam Jee,bittaufeeq your best n put the rest in Him.Allah u as always sis.take care:)

lepas ni dah takde orang nak mesej macam ni every and each time saya nak exam.setiap pagi hari nak exam,memang mesej macam ni yang ditunggu2 masuk inbox,mesej2 yang membina rohani even dalam saat2 genting.

 one of sis ,who bring me to where and who I am now,is on her way to the airport now,back for good:(
congratulations on your graduation kak aini!!

lepas ni time MABIT dah tak nampak muke kak aini
lepas ni time daurah dah tak nampak muka kak aini
lepas ni every week dah tak dapat jumpe kak aini mcm mana every week kite dating dulu..
lepas ni bile pergi bayt WIAM,bilik kak aini,dah jadi bilik orang lain
kak aini,macam mana ni?malam ni malam last kak aini dekat Jordan,malam ni kak aini naik flight,esok bukak2 mata je dekat Malaysia..

kak aini,jee ni bukan mutarabbi yang baik,jee ni xlayak pun nak jadi sumber kekuatan kak aini,jee xbanyak improve pun,xbanyak mujahadah pun yg mcm kak aini harapkan..jee minta maaf bnyak2
jee,xbaik cakap macam tu..jee kena kuat..ade akak2 lain yang lebih baik dari kak aini..insyaAllah lepas ni murabbiyah baru jee lebih baik dari akak,lebih banyak bantu jee bila jee perlu.jee jadi lebih better tau dari kak aini..akak ni bukan akak yang baik..Allah.. T.T

kak aini?tak baik?kak aini,kak aini tau x,sejak jumpa kak aini,jee lebih banyak mengalirkan air mata kerana  menyesal dengan dosa2?melihat ahli2 bulatan gembira kita sahaja terasa diri ini,banyak lagi yang perlu diperbaiki.T.T

kak aini...sorry jee tak dapat nak hantar g airport.sorry tak dapat join adrenaline and the rest.T.T
Allah has stated that,I'm sure.kak aini,I've got all the symptoms of a girl with a broken heart,since knowing that you are already walking out of my life,but I know u are going to look for something better,even though it kills me,that you have to farewell,kak aini!!:')*air mata mengalir laju*

semoga jadi dentist yang hebat,semoga jadi murabbi yang makin melaju dalam DnT,kak aini:)

thank you for everything kak aini.thanks for teaching us about Islam,till we become who we are now.kak aini..doakan jee,meng,ecah,nado,bay,aimi,pico,nadia,n lain2 yang pernah jadi mutarabbi kak aini semoga sentiasa thabat..may He love u more than we love each other,sis.jumpe kat Malaysia tau!insyaAllah..

hari raya aidil adha:)-tahun lepas.
our bulatan gembira,with kak aini,till jannah insyaAllah:)-latest picture with lots of improvements internally

moga2 air mata yang tumpah ini,bukan kerana emosi,bukan kerana sedih tiadanya satu nikmat ni,bukan kerana kak aini,tapi kerana Dia.bertemu dan berpisah kerana Dia.moga2 air mata yang tumpah ni,menguatkan lagi semangat kami,untuk terus gigih mencari redhaNya.

kak aini,always and already missing u.and looking forward to see you again.
terima kasih Allah kerana menyebabkan saya mengenal mereka,yang menjadi sumber pahala dan kekuatan saya.O Allah keep us in Your infinite wisdom.ameen

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Assalamualaikum,I just got this hikmah somewhere, shared by one of best friend of mine:)

How to pass your exam successfully??


why I'm doin' this?
not because all my friends do that,not because I want to,not because my parents want me to,but to

PLEASE ALLAH.If you are not in this right state of NIAH,do solah taubat,and correct it:)


be the best doctor you can be,be the best dentist you can be

if you are only HALF BEST,remember our ummah is in danger

most of our ummah are suffering because we don't aim high

get your knowledge benefit to everyone

"allahumma inni as aluka 3lman naafi3aan"


istikharah is simply do 2 nice rakaat asking Him of whatever you are confused of.even the questions in exam are confusing,isn't it?

istisyarah is asking the person who are expert in whatever the field you are in.


who are like to study
who are serious in their study


everyday,again and again,that's what Hafiiz do
in bus,memorize in head
increase the rate of long term memory
make video in your head



our brain can only focus 45 minutes.
after 45 minutes,go do exercises,or take a break

and your break would be=ZIKR ALLAH





do solah hajat every morning before go to exam

still not finish the material?still not answer the past year questions?

forget it!
take 5/6 minutes and do 2 nice raka'at.
do solah hajat every morning before exam,do it SINCERELY,not for the sake of the exam.
DON'T PLAY GAMES!Allah knows who are sincere and who are not

Allah,You are the Only One who can pass me



never stop ZIKR ALLAH

yaa hafiiz,yaa fattahh,ya mubiin,ya haadii


SINCERELY send salawah to Muhammad S.A.W.

He'll reply directly to you with 10 mercies:)


syaitonirrajim will start to say:forget it.u don't have to study after this.u are STUPID!U ARE STUPID!give up now!go back and continue watch movies,continue play games,bla3.don't have to pray anymore,don't have to perform solah anymore.

what should u do?

with IMAN,recite this:

"hasbunallahu wa ni3mal wakeel,ni3mal maula wa ni3man naseer"

"Only Allah is enough for me now,The best who I can depend,The best Of Master of Guidance,The Best of Helpers"

You think Allah will not help you when He hear these words?:)

with IMAN test it out!!^^


Never start to gossip outside!!
go back to musolla again,pray,no one knows what happen to your exam paper,only He is

do NAZAR.(I'll do sadaqah,I'll fast,etc2) UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR RESULT

11.last and the most important




Saturday, March 10, 2012

eatyourkimchi:TRAVELOG KOREA


fuhhh~~finally,finally,finally,I could make time to finish this travelog after have been engulfed by the hectic schedule in conjunction to HLS exam.segala puji dan syukur dipanjatkan kepada Allah S.W.T kerana atas rahmatnya yang luas dapat saya menjejakkan kaki ke bumi Korea.

macam2 perkara dan hikmah yang Allah beri kepada saya sepanjang seminggu ber'vacation' di Korea.

 bila tempat nk solat susah nak cari,bila makanan halal jauh untuk dibeli,bila safely landed lagu Kpop yang mengiringi,.reviving iman in Malaysia and Korea is not as easy as in Jordan,still we need to experience that.bukan sepanjang masa je,kita nk rasa "comfort"dengan bi'ah rabbani yg kita ada sekarang.back for good nanti pun kita akan berhadapan dengan bermacam2 suasana dekat Malaysia.even sekarang,kan?:)


semakin jauh perjalanan,semakin luas pandangan kita.memang benarlah macam yang orang kata.kalau tak sampai Korea,mungkin saya tak rasa bersyukur hidup di Jordan.mungkin saya tak dapat nak beritahu student2 Korea,supaya mereka sentiasa bersyukur,mungkin saya tak dapat nak beritahu,yang sebenarnya,setiap apa yang kita dapat hari ni,adalah hasil luasnya rahmat Allah.solat dalam fitting room,terjumpa hikmah masa main ski,terdetik rasa syukur,terbagi impression yang baik dekat makcik Korea,semuanya adalah atas rahmat Allah.
semoga perjalanan ni,memberi manfaat buat semua,kerana hanya ini yang mampu saya kongsikan,untuk kita semua ponder.berjaulah ke mana2,it doesn't matter,asalkan hati kita dibawa bersama.semakin berliku jalan tu,semakin bertambahlah keimanan hendaknya.


"dijadikan terasa indah dalam pandangan manusia cinta terhadap apa yg diinginkan,berupa perempuan2,anak2,harta benda yg bertumpuk dlm bentuk emas dan perak,kuda pilihan,haiwan ternak,dan sawah ladang.Itulah kesenangan hidup di dunia,dan disisi Allah-lah tempat kembali yg baik"-surah alimran,ayat14

ini adalah salah satu mujahadah saya yg sangaaaat besar.dan saya yakin,pasti Allah akan memperlihatkan usaha saya ni,kelak di padang mahsyar,dan boleh jadi kupon untuk saya compensate dosa2 dulu.moga Allah terus jaga hati.sesungguhnya jihad yang paling besar adalah jihad melawan hawa nafsu.sebab apa?sebab Allah sendiri offer dengan tawaran yang paling hebat:
"Sesungguhnya Allah akan membeli pada diri orang-orang beriman itu dirinya dan harta-hartanya dengan balasan syurga ".
kenapa ada perkataan "beli" ni?sebabnya jihad paling mahal adalah jihad melawan hawa nafsu yang sangat mahal sampaikan Allah beli:) 

 "I am a traveler seeking the truth, a human searching for the meaning of humanity and a citizen seeking dignity, freedom, stability and welfare under the shade of Islam. I am a free man who is aware of the purpose of his existence and who proclaims: “Truly, my prayer and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds; no partner has He. This, am I commanded and I am of those who submit to His Will.” This is who I am. 
Who are you?" 


Allah is always by your side,as the trees,as the wind,as the birds,as the sunshine,He is always by our side.
muhasabah cinta dari Jeju Island:)
ke mana sahaja kita pergi, tak kisahla ke Korea,London,Perancis,Mesir,Spain,Turkey,etc..capailah sebanyak mana hikmah dariNya,kadang-kadang bukan suasana yang perlu diganti,tapi rasa di hati yang perlu dibaiki:)

 nikmat yang kita dapat sekarang nikmat paling besar.nikmat Islam.kita Islam sebab rahmat dariNya,tapi kita tak bersyukur.hakikatnya,yang menggerakkan kita ke masjid,ke mana-mana untuk solat,untuk buat amal soleh,untuk berpesan-pesan dengan sabar kepada orang lain adalah atas rahmatnya.tanpa rahmatnya,kita takda apa-apa.hari ini kita Islam,belum tentu esok kita Islam lagi.mungkin hari esok kita yang dengan sendirinya akan lakukan upacara seperti orang-orang kafir yang datang ke temple ni.sebab apa?sebab hati kita sentiasa berbolak balik.Nauzubillahiminzalik.

"wahai Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau pesongkan hati kami sesudah Engkau beri petunjuk kepada kami, dan kurniakanlah kepada kami rahmat dari sisi Engkau; karena sesungguhnya Engkau-lah Maha Pemberi (kurnia)."(3:8)
 alhamdulillah.baaaanyaaakk sangat benda yang saya dapat dari jaulah ke Korea ni:
jemput baca,tapi jaga masa:)
alhamdulillah.may others can grab al-hikmah too^^
ape yang saya tak sempat dapat?JYP DIAMOND TEARS.isk3
black and crystal version of these Monsters.
 The headphones have the same audio engineering that makes the beats line popular but it has a jewelry design that is flashy.I longed for it as the desert longed for the rain.sangat menjadi wishlist saya sejak dahulu lagi.sangat murah di Korea,tapi tak berjaya beli disebabkan JYP building tempat jualnya Diamond Tears ni terletak agak jauh dari Seoul.very limited to be sold out of Korea actually.I'll wait for it and probably buy it in Amman.should I?in what year?sobsobsob.(diamond tears)

tamat sudeyhh travelog Korea.doakan saya!moga Allah memberkati sesiapa sahaja yang telah berkorban apa-apa untuk memudahkan urusan kami ke Korea ini.mari saling berpesan-pesan seandainya saya berdosa kepada anda,kerana sesunggunya saya sangat inferior dengan orang-orang yang masyaAllah tahap imannya.

"Dan tetaplah memberi peringatan,kerana sesungguhnya peringatan itu,bermanfaat bagi orang mukmin"-(51:55)
 jumpa lagi next travelog for Spring Break,Europe insyaAllah.assalamualaikum:)


Assalamualaikum..alhamdulillah,last day,bumi sonata,Korea

kami sampai dari Jeju Island kira-kira 9.45 pagi.dari Gimpo Airport,kami naik subway untuk pulang ke Joyang Officetel.setelah selesai kemas2 barang memandangkan malam ni akan bertolak ke Malaysia,kami pun keluar semula untuk menghabiskan sisa-sisa hari kami di Seoul ni.apalagi,request dekat Kak Anis nak pergi tulah,nilah,sebab dah hari last dan tak tau bila lagi nak sampai Korea ni.kami memulakan lawatan ke Insadong. 

Insadong ni merupakan salah satu street yang menjadi tarikan nostalgia Korea yang banyak boleh kita jumpa cara hidup dan budaya tradisional mereka.kebanyakan barang yang dijual disini juga,kebanyakannya adalah barang2 tradisional yang awak memang boleh jumpa di Korea sahaja.contohnya hanbok,hanji,teh tradisional,pottery,etc2.yang menariknya Insadong ni terletak in the middle of the city,where old but precious and traditional goods are on display.setiap hari Sabtu dan Ahad pula,beberapa street di Insadong ni akan ditutup dari laluan trafik,dan menjadikannya betul2 tempat kebudayaan untuk pelancong2 lawati. dekat Insadong ni juga banyak tempat menjual pelbagai barangan cenderehati dari Korea,tapi harga lebih mahal sedikit berbanding di Namdaemun Market.
who wants the I Love Korea T-shirt?kekekeke

1 of the hallway;tea house
 tempat membeli belah di Insadong sangat menarik.ala-ala shopping mall tapi terbuka sebab tak ada bumbung,
see!takde bumbung+eskalator
 berdekatan dengan Insadong ni juga terdapat Gyeongbok-gung iaitu salah satu istana tradisional yang menjadi tarikan pelancong.istana yang terkenal kerana merupakan istana yang paling cantik jika dibandingkan dengan 4 lagi istana lain di Korea ni.nak masuk kena bayar duit tiket,dan dalam istana ada lebih kurang 7700 bilik untuk dilawati.kami hanya bergambar di luar sahaja memandangkan nak kejar masa plus terlalu besar istana ni untuk dihadamkan dalam masa hanya beberapa minit.jadi,kami terus bertolak ke Myeongdong untuk kali kedua,sebab nak testing hanbok kat sana.
with kak anis

cinderella step sister~~punya hallmark

oklah,masa da suntuk.mari bertolak ke Myeongdong.di Myeongdong ni,ada satu tempat yang khas untuk pelancong2 yang nak dapatkan khidmat secara free.boleh testing hanbok,boleh amik banyak pamplet.boleh belajar bahasa Korea basic dengan cepat.boleh tengok pameran.macam2.macam tourist information center.nak naik bas mana,nak pergi mana semua dia boleh ajar,free je.:)tapi kami datang untuk test pakai hanbok sahaja.hanbok ni pakaian tradisonal di Korea.sangat unik,tapi agak berat dan besar.

tak kreatif vs kreatif bergamba.see!see!:D
 bagi yang keliru,hanbok yang merah biru tu biasanya untuk maharani dan maharaja,crown prince and princess.yang lain-lain adalah baju gundik dan dayang:P

seterusnya kami jalan-jalan di Myeongdong untuk penuhi keperluan terakhir yang memang dah aim sebelum pergi hari ni tinggal nak beli silap.kehendak.sebelum balik,kami singgah di sebuah restoran.restoran Yuganey namanya.untuk makan haemul pokembab.macam nasik goreng sedikit,dan kita boleh goreng sendiri plus boleh pilih nak letak apa.untuk orang yang tak reti masak nasi goreng,mungkin tak boleh survive.mungkinlah.
haemul pokimbab

selesai je makan,kami pun pulang ke Dongyang Mirae university,berkemas2 untuk pulang ke Malaysia.mase datang beg kosong je,masa balik beg siap beranak-ranak lagi tuu.hasilnya,terpaksa lah pikul beg turun naik bas dan subway ke airport.sebelum pulang,kak ain,kak anis,dan kak mus hadiahkan kami muffin sekotak.he-he!sedappp~~~tq sis!chal mogosso^^

alhamdulillah,selesai sudah hari2 di Korea.sangat banyak pengalaman di Korea yang tak dapat saya lupakan.insyaAllah kalau ade rezeki dan Allah izinkan,memang saya nak ke sana lagi.nak pergi Busan,Daegu,Jeju Island belah East pula.tapi for sure lepas dah buat umrah dan haji.hehe.malam tu kami bertolak pulang ke Malaysia awal pagi,dan sampai di Malaysia lebih kurang 6-7 pagi.penat memang takla sebab dalam flight memang tidur jekeke.
reading at the airport library.waiting for boarding gate to open
 alhamdulillah selesai juga menyiapkan travelog di Korea ni.harap-harapnya tulisan*taipan* saya ni dapat membantu memberi info sedikit sebanyak bagi sesiapa yang memerlukannya,dan yang paling penting sekali dapat mencapai beberapa al-hikmah yang saya kongsikan daripada jaulah ini.moga perjalanan ini,bukan perjalanan yang sia-sia.moga perjalanan ini diredhai Nya.

yosh,comrades,mari sambung perjuangan kita di medan medik dengan bersungguh.mari score HLS,RS dan CVS keranaNya.RS!RS!RS!*baca:respiratory system*.

sempena Respiratory system,one of the Quran verses that I just encountered and would like to share:)

"Barang siapa dikehendaki Allah akan mendapat hidayah dan petunjuk,Dia membukakan dadanya untuk menerima Islam.dan barang siapa dikehendakiNya menjadi sesat ,Dia jadikan dadanya sempit dan sesak,seakan-akan dia sedang mendaki ke langit.Demikianlah Allah menimpakan siksa kepada orang-orang yang tidak beriman."surah al-An'am,ayat 125
memang Allah yang Maha Berkuasa dan Bijaksana mencipta sistem pernafasan,dan memang Dialah Tuhan Pemilik Hidayah.moga kita tergolong orang-orang yang sentiasa mendapat rahmat Allah,sepanjang masa,bersama-sama.ameen

yalla na3mal New Look:)

eatyourkimchi:JEJU ISLAND DAY 1


alhamdulillah exam HLS dah habis!!!!yeayyyy!barulah ade mase nak siapkan blog yang tergantung ni.something to say about the exam?emm..quite tough.memang memerlukan penghafalan sebijik-sebijik dan membuatkan anda bertaubat takkan study last minit lagi,plus berazam akan membaca lecture note lebih awal kerana azab membaca lecture note last minit,memang azab dunia bak kata seseorang.ekekeke.ouh,by the way,HLS=Hematopoeiticlymphatic system.
The perfect synchrony of the creation of a human being still leaves even the world’s most renowned intellectuals baffled. Allah has said that even if the whole world come together to put a fly to life, they will not succeed. Even with the whole mysteries unraveled, every little secret to every nook and cranny put in a manual, human beings will still fail to put life into anything, as it is impossible for anyone but Him, to create life. It is only right for us to remember Him in every breath we take, in every process in each cell that happen in our body, and to be forever grateful to Him just because we are lucky enough to be His servants.
 lepas ni insyaAllah akan mendalami RS=Respiratory system.mari kita ucapkan ahlan wasahlan kepada diri sendiri.ahlein,RS,ahlein..>.<

ya,bertemu lagi kita dlm rancangan cuti2 Korea:P
masuk hari keempat kami di Korea,di mana hari ini saya dan kawan2 akan pergi melanjutkan pelajaran ke Jeju Island.Jeju Island juga dikenali sebagai Samsado Island(three many) sebabnye di Jeju ni terdapat mostly tiga benda utama:iaitu batu,perempuan,dan yang saya baca kt pamplet.

untuk percutian ke Jeju,kami booking sendiri tiket flight dan kami carik sendiri hotel.bukan under TnTlah kiranya.masa kt Jeju nilah baru terasa life as a true traveller yg betul2 masyuk.sebab sume benda kami redah sendiri.weeee~
kami booking flight Easter Jet sebab senior kami dulu pernah naik flight ni,dan katanya flight ni murah.tapi,ade je flight2 lain yg boleh dinaiki untuk ke Jeju ni,contohnya Korean Air ataupun Jeju Air.
dekat Korea ni,semua benda nak perfect.tengok sahaja decoration dalam flight

di Jeju,kami di sana selama 3 hari 2malam.Jeju Hiking Inn adalah hotel yg kami menginap di dalamnya.aigooo.teruk sungguh bahasa Melayu.
truth be told,hotel ni kawan saya yg survey,dan beliau yg book.thanks to her.hotel ni terletak jauuuh nun dekat west jeju,tapi letak dekat di hatiii.eceh.terletak dekat dengan sun beach hotel.nanti saya cerita knape nk dekat2 dgn sunbeach.
untuk di jeju,kami telah menempah tour guide seharian sendiri untuk bawak kami tour sehari penuh,which is hari kedua.sebenarnya yeha tour ni includekan sekali guest house untuk pelanggan2nya,tapi disebabkan guest house dah penuh,kami terpaksa cari hotel sendiri,dan harganya jadi agak murah berbanding jika includekan sekali guest house.

kami bertolak dari Gimpo airport tepat jam 8.45 pagi dan sampai di Jeju International Airport tepat jam9.45 pagi.memang sejam perjalanan dan boleh sangat nk tidur.dekat korea ni,style di airportnye adalah mesti kne check in awal. padahal gate untuk masuk flightnye bukak LIMA minit sebelum nk take off.kan lain tu kalau kt malaysia?kat sini semua orang awal dan punctual.maka,apalagi,terkejar2 kami dibuatnya nk kejar masa check in tu,dan2 kami orang last yg check in,walaupun masa tu barulah dlm 9.20 pagi.
read my lips;jeju international airport
ohye,malam sebelum nk ke jeju tu,kami ade minta tolong beberapa sonbae di Seoul untuk ajar sedikit dialog2 penting dlm bahasa Korea,nk naik bas mne,etc2.almaklumlah,kat jeju tu nanti sume survive sendiri.kak mus comel yg baik dah tolong siap2 tuliskan dialog untuk pakcik teksi,untuk pakcik bas,untuk tourist info center,kami tinggal tunjuk je kertas tu.bukannya cakap.haha.lawak gilaa rasa.kt Korea ni jangan expect sume orang terer english,lagi2 luar Seoul macam Jeju Island ke,Busan ke,Daegu ke.dan accent Korea dorg pun lain2. tak sume student Korea boleh faham accent orang jeju.samalah macam accent arab jordan dengan mesir.apetah lagi bahasa arab komunikasi tingkatan 3 kat malaysia.hoho.

sampai2 je jeju airport,kami mundar mandir carik bas 600.bas ni sebenarnya airport limousin yg ulang alik dari airport ke hotel kami.mana kami tahu?google!!kat sini sume benda kena tahu google.dan alhamdulillah memang sistematik sgt pun sistem pengangkutan kt Korea ni,ape yg awak google je mesti ade,kiranya bukanlah benda yg ada bile google,tp real lifenye takde?faham ke?saya rasa kalau kte google bas mana,pukul berapa dy dtg,nk ke mana bas tu,setiap berapa minit dy dtg,etc2 pasal bas kt Jordan tu,tak tahuuulah.hehehe.
bas 600=airport limousin
tambang bas 600 ni ke hotel kami adalah 5000 KRW.sebenarnya hotel kami adalah laaast destination untuk bas ni,sebab tulah harganya full 5000KRW.maksud full 5000KRW adalah kalau kte  tak berhenti kat hotel kami tu,1500KRW pun boleh dpt.masa perjalanan kira2 2 apelagi,put baca buku,saya kira2 perbelanjaan.teheee.

satu perkara yg observe bagi sistem bas dekat Korea ni,adalah bas nye sangat2 lawa,bersih,pemandunya ada uniform yg sngt semmart,ada set microfon dan speaker dlm bas,ada mesin T-money,dekat seat ada meja mcm meja dlm flight,dan ruang poket depan seat ada buku/majalah pelancongan.memang sistematik.perfectionist.

driver?driver bas sgt2 friendly,sebab untuk setiap destinasi yg dy akan berhenti tu,dy akan buat announcement dgn sopan.announcement tu berbunyi begini:
station seterusnya adalah Sun Beach Hotel(contohnya).kita akan tiba dlm masa 5minit lagi.harap2 tuan2 puan2 yg nk turun,pastikan sume barang anda telah dibawa.pastikan tiada beg tertinggal,atau sampah tertinggal,atau anak2 tertinggal.terima kasih kerana menaiki bas ini,nice to meet you.
ni dorg ckp dalam bahasa Korea lah,saya dah hafal sebab banyak kali dah saya dengar sejak naik bas nk pegi ski dulu lagi.bayangkanlah,setiap kali orang turun untuk last destination tu,driver akan turun serta,tunggu kat depan pintu bas,tunduk tanda hormat setiap kali orang turun,sambil cakap,terima kasih,selamat jalan.

komabsemnida,anyeong hi gae seayo
satu je testimoni saya sebagai tourist:veeerrrrryy friendly!

bayangkanlah setiap kali last destination dorg buat gini.kalau yg station2 bukan last tu,selalunya mesin suara je yg ckp.still, very friendly.subhanallah,kalaulah sume orang Korea Islam,memang sebijik pekerti Rasulullah S.A.W.moga2 doa saya ni termakbul.

masuk sikit pasal hotel jeju hiking inn
bas kami berhenti dekat sunbeach hotel,dari situ kami walk down the road,about 20 minutes walking,u'll be finding the arahan yg dijumpai kat internet,menunjukkan direction ke jeju hiking inntapi dah lebih 20 minit,xjumpe2 hiking inn nye,
macam2 dialog keluaq:
1-aq rasa kita kne carik yg bangunan kecik2 la,jgn fokus bangunan besar2,sebab nikan motel je
2-dah lebih 20 minit dah ni?xjumpe pon,
3-aq jumpe inn je.inn ape xtahu.sebab dy tulis koREA.hahaha

on the way finding the hotel:SOOC:)

walking down from the bus stop
along the road,there's a garden
jalan2,akhirnya alhamdulillah,kami smpai ke hotel kami,comel!

depan hotel ada banyaakkk basikal boleh disewa.seronok bukan berbasikal di Pulau Jeju? mungkin next time datang kte naik basikal ye,jimat punya pasal.ade ahjumma comel rambut kerinting jaga kt kaunter.
anyeong ha saeyo~dowa derilkkayo?(selamat dtg,boleh saya tolong awak?)-makcik
aigooo.cne nak ckap ni?hehe
 yeo ngo hal ju aseayo?(boleh awak ckp english?)Englishi?-saya
No englishi!makcik comel tu jawab dgn comelnye.hehe
englishi-english(slang orang Korea)

 tapi alhamdulillah,dy  keluarkan satu kertas A4 yg ade nme kami
nae~mat semnida!!(ya,betul tu!!)
laju je saya jawab.hehe
kami dpt kunci bilik,dan naik ke bilik masing2.
hotel ni sanggaaaatlah murah.kalau convert dlm duit Jordanian dinar,xsampai 20 dinar pun.10 dinar,lebih sikit je.dlm MYR convert sndirilah,saya tak ingt,sebab masa bayar guna debit card kt jordan.
kami memang da mindset nk carik motel je.nme pun traveller.bukannye nk pegi honeymoon.:D

tapi,alhamdulillah dlm bilik ada plasma TV woo!katil ade heater elektrik.ade meja dengan kerusi,dlm toilet ade toiletries yg cukup,ade fridge,dr tingkap bilik nmpak view yg subhanallah sgt cntik.sume facilities memuaskan.ada bilik internet kat tingkat bawah.ada kitchen yg ade fridge,meja makan,ada lobi juga,ada gim,tapi sume comel2.ade board kecik comel cuun je kat lobi,sume nk comel.bakul sampah.dapur.*pengsan*

memang lupe habis nk tgkp gmbr sebab terlampau best dan comel suasana disitu.hanya orang terpilih yg faham suasana comel macam mana.

untuk dekat Jeju,kami memang dah bawak makanan sendiri.sebabnye hotel murah ni tak de sediakan makanan,plus nk makan luar kami bukan tau sgt nk pilih yg mana halal haram,sebab menu sume tulisan Korea.kami bawa bekal macam maggie,roti Gardenia beserta jem atau tuna,cereals,benda2 macam tulah.cukup untuk 3 hari. barulah true traveller!lagipun semasa melancong ke negara bukan Islam,kita dituntut supaya menjaga nilai murni sebagai Muslim,tanpa menjebakkan diri dari perkara-perkara haram.
“Ditimpakan kehinaan di mana saja mereka berada, melainkan mereka yang menjaga hubungan dengan Allah dan hubungan dengan manusia.” (Surah Ali Imran, ayat 112)
so maggie pun maggielah.janji halal.
macam nilah bilik kami.a bit monastic but clean and cheap
 selesai je unpack barang dan solat,kami decide nk travel sendiri beberapa tempat yg tak include dlm tour bersama yeha tour esoknye.macam chocolate land,teddy bear's museum,dan museum ripley's believe it or not.kami keluar tunggu bas dekat tempat kami turun airport limousin tadi.subhanallah,view sekeliling memang sgt cantik.susah nk describe..full of breathtaking sight,phenomenal natural beauty, historical legacies, quirky museums,unusual attraction.a harmony, home-felt, and home-created, comes to heal that grief for which the senses still supply .am I at rest? me to myself, nor let me feel the officious touch that makes me droop again.=D

kalau nk describe dlm bahasa melayu saya rasa lawa gila je yg ada dlm kamus saya.=..='

subhanallah.ini baru syurga dunia.dunia ni hanya sementara.tapi kita sering "ter"anggap dunia ni kekal abadi kan?*dush-hantuk kepala sendiri*jomlah kita kejar syurga sbenar yg abadi tu.jauh laaagii best!
saya rasa bukan saya je yg rasa mcm yakin su dan put pun sama.susah nk jumpa anak2 muda yg cintakan alam semulajadi macam kami ni makcikkkk maria oi..kelassss kau maria!merepek.
tunggu punye tunggu punye tunggu,memang takde bas.kami tanya kepada beberapa pakcik bas yg ada,mana bas 600?nasiblah ada sorang pakcik ni baik hati,
nak,ikut pakcik.sini.sini.ikut pakcik.(dlm bahasa korea)
rupa2nya,pakcik tu bawak kami seberang jalan.sebab kami tunggu bas salah arah.
ah..kero khunaa~~(ah i c~~)
bagus pakcik ni.pakcik ni mencerminkan kesopanan orang Korea,beliau tak stret pun tegur yang kami ni salah.:)pelancong yang bagus,pelancong yang mencari sesuatu yang baik di tempat yang dilawatinya,untuk ditiru atau diamalkan ditempatnya.mari kita mempraktikkan budaya menegur secara berhemah.teheee.

haha,gelabah2 malu pun ade.kami ikut pakcik tu dari belakang,dan nampaklah bus stop yg btul2 nye.kami terus menerpa ke arah itu.opps,tapi kami main lintas je.pakcik tu ikut zebra cross.haha.nmpak sangat disiplin "arab"nya.

rasa pelik dgn diri sendiri memang normal kalau dekat Korea ni,sebab kita sorang2 yg tak sistematik.kta sorg2 yg tak disiplin,kta sorg2 yg tak formal.kita sorang2 yang tak kemas.normal lah tu..lepas tu bukan main lintas gne zebra cross je ,even tak de kereta pong..

nasiblah kami tak terlepas bas,tambang bas dr sunbeach ke teddy bear museum cuma 1500KRW je.jauh lebih murah dr yg mula2 tadi,sebab xsmpai airport pun.sebenarnya boleh sangat guna T-money card yg kte guna untuk naik bus dan subway dekat Seoul tu,tapi kami xtau,so,kami bayar manual jelah..
tempat pertama kami pergi dekat jEju ni,adalah teddy bear museum.memang landmark sangatlah kan,tempat ni kalau ckp pasal korea dan sesiapa yg tak tahu memang pelik.err,macam mane eh?dia takde kaitan pun dengan Korea,tapi sangat famous dekat Korea.

sebenarnya,dekat Korea ni ade 3 teddy bear museum.yg main dan utamanya adalah kt jeju ni,dan lagi 2 ade dekat namsan tower(seoul tower)dan juga  paju heyri.
kebanyakan teddy bear dekat museum2 ni menggambarkan Korea dulu,sekarang,atau akan datang.
bayaran masuk ke museum ni adalah 8000KRW(dewasa),6000KRW(remaja)dan 4000KRW(kanak2)
perlu diingat supaya dewasa=19+,remaja=14-18,kanak2=bawah 14
supaya anda tidak memalukan diri sendiri untuk minta harga kanak2.ini terjadi kepada kami.=..=''

masa beroperasi pula adalah dari 10 pagi hingga 10 malam,dan last admission yg dibenarkan adalah 9malam.ini applicable kt sume museum kt jgn haraplah lepas dah masuk teddy bear museum pukul 8,then lepas tu nk pergi ripleys atau chocolate land.ini terjadi kepada kami juga.^^
ok,jom masukkk!!:)
we want peace!we want peace!rusuhan teddy bear
teddy bear dressed as a King of Joseon Dynasty
you are the straw to my berry,you are the one I wanna marry^^.*memandai*

merry christmas!HOHO!
no caption cuz i forgot
tarzan and jane?pun boleh

teddy bear collection:fashion show
teddy bear paling mahal=Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear
Prince Lee Shin.!
limited edition alfred yg prince lee shin tu pegang xlimited kt sini.jom beli!hihi
teddy bear versi anak mami yg gila barang kemas
elvis prisley teddy bear statue,untuk bapak2 yg minat
been there,done that.x0x0

terasa kurus.MEREPEK
the highlight of the day:princess hours versi teddy bear
princess hours versi real.xde kt museum ni.hee.dari kiri hyo-rin,prince lee shin,chae-kyeong,lee yul
xbesttttt ponnnnnn museum niiii..*tangan kat bahu,mata ke atas*
hyorin the ballet dancer dlm princess hours the korean drama

cukup kan sume gambar2 ni?saya xreti nk describe satu2.terlalu detail,dan sebenarnye baaanyaaak lagi gambar.jemputlah dtg ke teddy bear museum ni!heee.

kami keluar tedyy bear museum around 7pm lebih dan trus balik ke hotel,sbb Ripley's dan chocolate land dah tutup.balik hotel layan seoul music awards yang tengah live dkat seoul sebab dah takde cerita lain tanpa subtitle sambil makan ramyeon(maggie).feeling so Korean,seriously.alhamdulillah,selesai frst day di Jeju Island.

menjadi true traveller ni bukanlah senang.lagi2 dekat negara bukan Islam.kena sentiasa bawak kompas,cari makanan yang betul2 halal yg selalunya jauh,nk tentukan bila masuk waktu solat lagi,etc2.tapi salah satu nikmatnya menjadi true traveller ni adalah,tanpa merasai kesusahan itu semua,mungkin takkan menjadikan kita seorang yang bersyukur dengan segala nikmat sebagai seorang Muslim yang kita perolehi sekarang.ada pendapat dari sesetengah individu,yang sangat sinis kalau diajak untuk melancong ke negara bukan Islam.sampai bila kita nak berada dalam zon selesa?apetah lagi,kalau diajak untuk sama-sama turun berjuang ke medan syria pun,jauh sekali agaknya.dush.*kena batang hidung sendiri*.

tapi,secara tak langsung sebenarnya melancong adalah sebahagian daripada proses pembelajaran.pandai menggunakan bahasa2 badan  mahupun pertuturan secara spontan bila bercakap dengan orang luar,pandai adaptasikan diri sendiri dengan budaya bukan Islam,pandai cari ruang "survive" dalam negara bukan Islam,pandai kekalkan nila2 murni sebagai seorang Islam,dan macam2 lagi ilmu Allah yang free2 boleh kita dapat semasa melancong.tujuan mencari ilmu itu sendiri lebih utama dalam pakej pelancongan,maka,janganlah berasa rugi untuk melaburkan duit untuk melancong.banyak sangat pengalaman yang priceless yg boleh kita capai.

"I am a traveler seeking the truth, a human searching for the meaning of humanity and a citizen seeking dignity, freedom, stability and welfare under the shade of Islam. I am a free man who is aware of the purpose of his existence and who proclaims: “Truly, my prayer and my sacrifice, my living and my dying are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds; no partner has He. This, am I commanded and I am of those who submit to His Will.” This is who I am. 
Who are you?"
(Hassan al-Banna)

 p/s:akhawat,jom join next jaulah!:)

sekian sahaja hari pertama di Jeju Island,Korea.